I volti della Repubblica

In a long gallery are hung a series of portraits dating to the Ist century BC, giving the likenesses of individuals from the various social classes.
Branded slaves and members of the plebian classes are shown alone or in family groups in the funerary reliefs carved on the faces of the tombs, while the statue of the so-called “ Barberini wearing a toga” supporting the images of ancestors reflects its patrican family origins.
Among the portraits of famous people CaesarAugustus and Agrippa are lined up.

Togato Barberini
Last decade of the Ist century BC.; head (not original): mid Ist century BC
Ritratto di Augusto
27-20 BC.
Ritratto di C. Giulio Cesare
50-44 BC
Secondo quarto del I secolo a.C.
ultimo decennio del I secolo a.C.