The Celian Hill

These two female statues in dark stone come from the area of the Military Hospital on the Celian and are of high artistic quality. They were found at the end of the Nineteenth Century, reused in small fragments in a late-antique wall.
This goddess, whose identification is uncertain, is draped in ancient grey cloth. The statue was known as the “ Victory of the Simmaci” (literary sources mention it on the Celian Hill), and it is a late Hellenistic original.
The statue in prayer in basanite shows Agrippina the younger as an offerant (the head is moulded copy of that on display in the Ny Carsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen) and was probably displayed in the temple of the Divine Claudio on the Celian.

Sala Macchine - Celio
Statua di Agrippina Minore come Orante
Ist century AD.
Statua femminile acefala: 'Vittoria dei Simmaci'
From a Hellenistic original