Famous Women

Walking through the halls of Centrale Montemartini, you can meet some of the most famous women of antiquity.

The beautiful Cleopatra, with her particular hairstyle made of small locks, the young Lucilla, depicted as a Venus, and the famous Agrippina Minor. Wife of the emperor Claudius and mother of Nero, Agrippina managed to place on the throne her son she had  from her previous marriage to Gnaeus Domitius Enobarbus. Once on the throne, Nero, because of some disagreements with his mother, tried several times to assassinate her, succeeding in his intention in 59 A.D., at the hands of an assassin.

Statua di Agrippina Minore come Orante
Ist century AD.
Ritratto di Cleopatra
Hellenistic period
Busto di Lucilla